Modern Software for Ayurveda Practitioners

Only for ₹ 5000/-*

Includes 3 devices from any of Web, Mac, Windows, Android platform
Just ₹. 500/- AMC from next year onwards.

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* Excluding payment gateway charges

Anytime Anywhere Access

Access from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop PC from anywhere in the world.

No internet,
No worries

With it's state of the art Hybrid Sync Architecture you can manage your operations even when the internet is down.

Insightful Dashboard

Entire picture of clinic at a glance.


Hassle free tracking of Panchkarma Therapy.
Get timely reminders/notifications.

Security at its core

- Never loose your data.
- Your data is encrypted and stored on the secured cloud servers.

Patient History

- Shipped with default questions, Patient History tracking is completely customizable
- Add/Remove any type of questions e.g. Multiple Choice, Multi Selection, Yes/No, Text Description
- Add dependent questions e.g. Do you smoke, If Yes, How many?
- Create group of questions
- Change order of questions

Keep in touch with patients

- Keep in touch with patients with timely SMS and Email communication about their treatment and health in-general.
- Printing of prescriptions, medical certificates and receipts.

Follow ups

- See Follow-up patients history
- Previous treatments
- Last visit details that will help you treat patients

Accounting & MIS Reports

- Get real insights of your clinic from business
- Research perspective with report generation tool
- Reports can be exported to excel

Stock Management

- The stock will reduce automatically when a in-house medicine is prescribed to patient
- System will raise an alarm when stock reaches certain threshold

Upcoming features

Auto Pathya picker from the lifestyle Searchable Ayurvedic samhitas with their commentaries ... and many more

SoftAyu is feature packed, see it yourself

  • Online + Offline Access
  • 3 Device per license
  • Cost effective very less one time payment
  • Very less AMC Rs 500/ year
  • Customizable Patient History Form
  • Entire picture of clinic at a glance.
  • Advanced Panchkarma Therapy
  • Automatic stock management
  • Get timely reminders/notifications.
  • Comprehensive Accounting & MIS Reports.
  • Export To Excel
  • Print Medical certificates from standard formats
  • Multilingual Support with Unicode inputs
Software A
  • Online Only
  • Only 2 device
  • Cost effective very less one time payment
  • 5000 - 6000 / year
  • Not customizable
  • Dashboard with limited insights
  • Only Details
  • Stock Management Available
  • Partial support available
  • Limited Accounting & MIS Reports.
  • Not Available
  • Not Available
  • Partial support available
Software B
  • Offline Only
  • Only 1 device
  • Only one time payment
  • No AMC
  • Not customizable
  • Not Available
  • Not Available
  • Not Available
  • Not Available
  • Not Available
  • Not Available
  • Not Available
  • Not Available